Meet Me: The Introduction

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Marianna and I am 16 (turning 17 tomorrow actually) and currently living in Oklahoma. I was originally born and partially raised in Tucson, Arizona before moving away at the age of 8. I moved to Montana, but was only there for about a year and a half before being relocated to Upstate New York. I lived in New York for about 6 years before moving to Oklahoma. I went through a lot of hardships between leaving New York and getting comfortable in Oklahoma, but that's a story for another time. 

During my period of roughness, I found comfort in makeup. I lost a lot of confidence in myself, worried that because I didn't look like all the girls here, they would outcast me. My school size quintupled (literally) and no one knew I was new, making me feel invisible. Makeup made me feel noticed when someone complimented my eyeshadow, giving me that confidence I lacked.

I eventually watched hundreds and hundreds of beauty videos on YouTube to learn how to better my makeup skills. I fell in love with the concept of makeup. I loved that I found a way to feel noticed and express myself on the daily. 

I fell in love with makeup that I contemplated either doing one of two things. One, make a YouTube channel dedicated to makeup or two, start an Instagram account for my makeup addiction. I thought about this thoroughly for month or so and I chose to my Glammunition account. 

 I realized that I love doing looks and posting them online, but also I like to communicate with others about makeup. With that, I recently started doing livestreams to chat with others and talk all things makeup. I then realized that everyone can't tune into a livestream at 10 PM, so that inspired me to make a platform so that everyone, at any time, can talk all things makeup.

It's fun to hear everyone's opinions on makeup and what products work and others that don't, and I hope you guys interact and follow along with me throughout this blog/Instagram. Be open to discussion as much as you desire in the comments section. 

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Question of the Post: What is your favorite makeup brand of all time and why? 


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