Back To School Must Haves 2017

August is swiftly approaching, meaning back to school season is here. Hear some of the things that are MUST HAVES in order to survive school!

My senior year of high school is arriving so much sooner than I want it to and I am super nervous. College applications, senior rallies, financial aid fill outs, all too stressful to think about. Though I am a mainly beauty blog, I do want to expand on the topics of fashion and lifestyle. With back to school season coming, I decided to capitalize on it and talk about some must haves everyone needs to survive the day. Without hesitation, let's get into it!

TRAVEL SIZED DRY SHAMPOO                                                  

Dry shampoo will be your bff. If your hair is smelling a little funky or just gets super oily throughout the day, dry shampoo has your back. Sample sizes will fit in your purse/backpack easy peasy and save you from a bad hair day. Whoever invented dry shampoo, thank you.  I selected the Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo because the coconut scent will more likely be acceptable to others around you. I mean, how can you hate the scent of coconuts?? You obviously don't have to use this dry shampoo if it doesn't work for you. Use any sized dry shampoo you desire, I just like to provide examples for those looking for good recommendations! 


I've had this brush for years. I purchased a second one to take to school in the winter time. It gets dry and static-y throughout the winter and you need a brush to get out those pesky knots, as well as something to brush out your dry shampoo. This brush is pain-free so you won't be yelping "ouch" in the middle of class while you brush your hair. Wet Brush also makes a mini brush but my hair is so thick that I just get the full sized one to really get into my hair. I really like the Wet Original Brush and if you haven't tried it, you're missing out.


I know it sounds like I bash on Too Faced all the time but I told you, I really liked the Peach Collection. The Sweet Peach Lip Creamy Oils are fantastic. They're a nice pigmented gloss that isn't sticky and feels AMAZING on the lips. I have the shade "Peach Fuzz" and it's a lovely nude that looks so good on my lips. I get so many compliments about the peachy scent and how it looks on the lips. They are definitely pigmented and I am looking forward to trying out more shades and telling you guys my thoughts on these.


This powder foundation is amazing for those days that you forget/do not want to do your makeup. The powder foundation will give you some coverage to help even out your skin. It's very soft and very natural on the face. I wish there was more range of color with the powder foundations. But, it isn't full coverage so you do not need such a wide variety of shades. It looks very nice on the skin and a must to keep in your bag throughout the school year. I personally like to purchase my IT Cosmetic products from QVC because they will bundle the brush with the product for a better price than it would be if you bought everything separately.


 A white eyeliner is necessary but underrated. If you apply white eyeliner in your waterline, it makes your eyes appear larger and make you look more awake. This eyeliner is really creamy and lasts a long time. The white eyeliner will also make your eye color stand out more and look brighter. It's a lifesaver for those days when everyone says "you look so tired!" These eye pencils will glide on with ease and make you look a little more alive, even if you don't feel like it!

  • Tylenol/Advil (at your own risk of potentially violating school policy)
  • Hair ties
  • Gum/mints (I personally love spearmint)
  • Hand sanitizer (especially coming back to school from breaks, people nasty and share cooties)
  • Back up pencils, pens, and highlighters
  • Blotting sheets
  • Sweatshirt/extra T-Shirt (some schools with pick on you over dress code, come prepared)
  • Headphones
  • Phone charger

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos used above and I am in no way trying to claim they are mine

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Question of the Post: What products are you MUST haves for school/work?


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