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Anti-Haul: Summer 2017

Some of these products coming out aren't grabbing my attention and I'll be explaining why I will not be purchasing them!

Throughout the summer, a lot of summer collections have already dropped but big beauty brands are now prepping for their fall/holiday collections. Some products have been teased, others leaked. So without any hesitation, let's dive into this anti-haul. 

Anti-haul: A term made famous by beauty bloggers discussing what products they will not be purchasing that season


This palette honestly looks like trash. Actually, let me backtrack that statement, the green, the peachy shade in the bottom left corner, and the orange shade look good, everything else is not appealing to me. The White Chocolate Chip Palette wasn't a major success in the first place. It had way too many light shades to really make a full look. With the WCC's sister, we do see some pops of color and some crease shades and two potential darker matte shades to place on your "outer v" of your eye. But it just doesn't appeal to me, the shades look so randomly placed together and I don't feel that the quality of this palette will be there. It's Too Faced, it's typically 50/50 with their products, making me on edge about this palette. 


To be honest, when this was teased to the public, I was not amused or amazed by this palette. I love the Kat Von D Shade and Light series, just not this. An all glitter palette just does not seem practical for me, especially because I do not use glitter in any of my looks. Personally, I do not really like darker, glittery eyeshadow shades because I don't think they look good on me. I do not go to enough special events to get a use out of this palette for dramatic, nighttime looks. So for me, this palette didn't really excite me.


My first thought when I saw these on instagram was "how in the world can you make 4 contour sticks that cater to hundreds of unique complexions???" Well, I was shocked that it was able to reach from fair to near deep dark. However, KKW Beauty was DRAGGED for barely having any product in the tube with a contour stick that needed buildability. I saw a video from a beauty brand/blog that showed that you can get about 10-15 uses out of this product before it becomes a nub of nothingness. Also, the sponge that came on the brush was hard and difficult to work with from all the reviews I saw. Though the product looks natural and the formula was spot on, WE NEED MORE PRODUCT, KIM! I can't be spending $40+ for a product that gets used up in a week.


Though these provide a wide range of shades (debatable for maybe the cool palette), it's not worth the price. You get 28 shades for $68 USD when you can get a Morphe 35C palette with 35 shades for $19-$25 USD. Watching reviews on this palette was very mixed but a mutual complaint was FALLOUT. Most of the YouTubers I watch never really think fallout is an issue for them most of the time, but they complained about the fallout in this. The shimmer shades need FX Plus or else they just powder off and aren't pigmented. The mattes are fantastic but not fantastic enough for the price in my opinion. I do not have $68 to drop on a palette that loses so much product.


Though this palette looks gorgeous, it's not for me. I am on the fairer end of the complexion scale so I'm not sure how well this palette would work for me. The packaging of this palette is so cool and unique. You really have to see it on video or in real life, it's so neat. I do really like the formula of the 3D Palettes, just not the price. I don't want to pay $57 for a palette I feel unsure about. If you feel really confident that this palette is going to be able to tend to your complexion and you have the money to get this, do it. But for me, not a fan.


I cannot lie, these palettes look fantastic and I'd love to purchase one someday. I say someday because their palettes range from $95-$239 USD. I know right?! It's outrageous. They do have 5 shadow palette for $48 USD. I've heard so many good things about their eyeshadows with them being so finely milled to blend easier. However, I have heard that because the eyeshadows are so finely milled, they break a lot easier if you drop your palette. Taking that into consideration, spending that much money and having your shadows break that easy, I don't think it's worth the money. There are so many eyeshadow palettes out there that look similar or follow the same color theme. If I was made of money, maybe I would buy a palette from Natasha Denona, but until then, I'm gonna pass. Sorry Natasha!


Too Faced announced that they'll be dropping a Chocolate Vault containing the Bon Bon, Semi-Sweet, and Chocolate Bar Palettes, the Mini Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip Palette. It also includes 3 Melted Chocolate Lipsticks and all 3 Chocolate Soleil Bronzers. Just like with the Naked Series, we are all tired of the Too Faced Chocolate Series. At least with Urban Decay, the Heat Palette was different than all the other palettes they had. With the Chocolate Bar Palettes, it feels like the same story but a different day. It's just very chocolatey neutrals with a few pops of color. It's old news and overdone. Plus, this whole vault won't be cheap and if anyone already owns 1 or 2 of these palettes, you don't want another one honestly. It's not practical and it's just reusing old products instead of coming out with all new products for a vault. It's just lame in my opinion.


I'll be honest, the packaging is super cute but also kind of reminds me of the Valentine's Day Collection with all the hearts. The "I Want It All" eyeshadow palette is not bad. It is a little more coherent than some of her previous palettes. It also does feature a highlight and blush (don't take my word for it) if I remember. I don't really think I want to fight the masses for a one time collection though. Her collection will also feature a limited edition Candy K Matte Lip in a bedazzled bottle that looks stunning. The iconic drips on the bottle will be replaced with rhinestones, but I assume it'll come at a hefty price. The collection is cute but I don't feel the lip color choices, like the glosses, that much. They're okay. I'm just not feeling the collection really and I don't think anyone else is either really. I just wasn't blown away by her birthday collection this year.

Thank you for checking out my anti-haul, let me know if you want to see me doing more of these in the future! 

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos used above and I am in no way trying to claim they are mine

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