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Ipsy Glam Bag: July 2017

Hear my thoughts about Ipsy's July Glam Bag and see if it Glammunition approved!

This month, I received the July Glam Bag and let's talk about how ADORABLE the bag is this month. When you flip it over, you see the back side of the egg and its little tushy. However, I showed it to my mother and she didn't think it was as cute. 

Let's be real, with the July heat, we can all spiritually relate to this over easy egg. We are finally going to reach triple digits here in Oklahoma. But enough about the weather, lets get into the products!


This brush is literally SO SOFT. It's dense enough to pack but it's tapered to blend into smaller detailed areas that you want to reach. I cannot wait to use this everyday!


I got this in my bag and when I opened up the plastic holder for the single eyeshadow and there was pigment all over it. However, I cleaned it up and swatched it and oh my gosh, it's so pigmented that it looks foiled. I can't wait to receive more Ofra shadows from Ipsy.


When I signed up for Ipsy and did the "what products do you prefer" quiz, I never asked for lip scrubs or products like it. I wasn't too thrilled to receive this in my glam bag this month but I gave it to my mother. She enjoys the lip scrub a lot and she uses it at work frequently because her lips are very dry.


This liquid lip confused me at first. On the box when you get it, the shade looks dark purple but the actual product is like a mauvey-rose shade. I swatched it on my hand and it was that mauvey-rose shade. However, when it dries down, it becomes a darker purpley-red shade that will look PERFECT in the fall. In my opinion, this feels better on the lips compared to a Kylie matte liquid lip but has the same durability. I was surprised by this liquid lip and can't wait to use it!


Again, when I signed up for Ipsy, I didn't want eyeliners. I don't like doing liquid eyeliner, I am not that great at it and it takes too long for me to master. This is the 2nd month is a row to receive a liquid eyeliner. But for the eyeliner junkies out there, this is a very pigmented black liner. I'm not too sure about if it cracks or not but it's definitely pigmented as all heck. 


This month's bag, even though I got two products that I wasn't thrilled about, was pretty decent. The brush and the liquid lip took the cake for the best products in this month's bag. The bag itself was so cute and I can't get over it! I just hope Ipsy does not send me another liquid eyeliner because the two I've received is all I'll ever need for awhile. 

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Question of the Post: If you received an Ipsy Glam Bag this month, what was your favorite product and why?


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