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My Thoughts: Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

I received my ABH Subculture Palette in the mail! Hear my thoughts and first impression about the Modern Renaissance's "sister palette."

Sister Palette: A term by beauty gurus to relate one eyeshadow to another by formula, set up, and/or color coherence

About two months ago, the Subculture Palette was leaked. Someone from Reddit leaked photos of the palette and I believe (but don't take my word for it) the photos got removed/deleted. However, the photos of the leaked had spread out like wildfire and the next thing you know, you're reading an Allure article about it. Then Norvina, Anastasia's daughter, teased the palette on a livestream, confirming it was actually happening.

The original leaked photo of the Subculture Palette in May of 2017

At first photos of the palettes surface, a lot of the feedback was negative. Many were confused at how this was going to be a "sister palette" to the infamous Modern Renaissance. It was considered a "sister palette" (as we learn later on) because they both have the same matte formula and the same formula set up of 11 mattes and 3 glitter shades.

Many people thought that ABH was off their rocker for the color selection but I could understand it. Palettes take about a year or more in advance to select the color, formulate it perfectly, make the packaging, get it into the packaging, and prepping it for shipping. 

The palette was obviously in its final stage of mass production when it was leaked in May. Not many understand the production progress and at the time I figured this was either a prototype or a new palette for the fall. I felt that this perfect was going to be PERFECT for the fall and I still believe that.

Getting the palette the day of release was interesting though. ABH came out on their instagram, replying to someone saying the drop was at 9 AM PST. I got on the website at 11 AM CST (9 AM Pacific). Everything showed up on the website but nothing had a price. People were already checking out when ABH shut the website down for maintenance.

ABH came out on Instagram saying that the drop would actually be at 9:30 AM PST. Some understood the memo, many others raged in the comment section on Instagram about the website not loading or their purchase from the accidental 9 AM launch not going through. It was a mess due to miscommunication and I felt bad for customer service the day of the launch. People sounded very hostile.

I bought mine the 25th and got it in the mail 27th, so good job to ABH for living up to the term of "2 day shipping." My package was not damaged or dented when I received it in the mail and the palette was very protected by those little crimped paper peanuts. I give 5 stars to ABH for making sure the palette would not get destroyed in case the mail company wasn't going to be nice to my package.

When I opened the palette, nothing was broken, nothing was missing, nothing was scratched. The camera does not do justice for how beautiful this palette looks in real life. The matte formula is spot on. I recommend wetting the brush for the shimmery shades, but it shouldn't be a problem. I personally ALWAYS wet the brush for my shimmer shades. The shade "Axis" is literally the equivalent of "Cyprus Umber" from the Modern Renaissance Palette. It's very blendable, pigmented, and has some kickback.

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite shades is "Untamed" (bottom row, green shade, third to the right) because the color is so flattering. I never thought green shadows were for me and my complexion, but I was wrong. Using the shades "Edge," "Untamed," and "Axis" together is simply stunning.

Used shades "Cube,"  "Edge,"  "New Wave,"  "Destiny,"  "Untamed," and "Axis"
Overall, this is another knockout palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is a beautiful palette to pair with the Modern Renaissance honestly. Though some don't like the color choices, these will be a stunning to use in the fall with all the deeper earthy green tones, the yellows, and the maroon shades. All the shadows are gorgeous, they're pigmented, they blend together so well. It's just amazing. I've been so excited to see what looks people have created with this palette and what their thoughts are about it. I can't wait to play around it it even more.

Disclaimer: I do not own the first photo used above and I am in no way trying to claim they are mine

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Question of the Post: Did you purchase the ABH Subculture Palette? If so, do you like it?


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