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Tips and Tricks: How To Shop At Ulta The Right Way

I'll be discussing my tips and trick on how to shop smart and savvy at Ulta, while saving some money!

Whether you're a newbie or an expert shopping at Ulta, some of you guys might be missing out on how to get the most bang for your buck! I've previously talked about the Ulta rewards system and how I prefer it over Sephora's. That'll be a key aspect in your savvy money saving adventures at Ulta. With that in mind, let's get into it! 


This will be your LIFE SAVER and your bank's bff! Unlike Sephora, where you save up points just to get sample sized products, Ultamate Rewards allows you to save up points to get cash off your next purchase. When you sign up to be a rewards member, you get exclusive offers (that I'll go further in depth about), get a free birthday gift, and earn x2 points per dollar spent. Once you've spent $450 USD, you become a platinum member, which I have successfully accomplished in the photo shown. Platinum members get x3 points and even MORE exclusive offers. Becoming an Ultamate Rewards member and saving up your points to get money off higher priced products is seriously AMAZING. I saved up my points and bought myself the Tarteist Pro Palette (originally $53 USD) for $36 USD. Granted $36 USD still isn't cheap but it was better than spending all of my money for one item. 


Bonus offers will give you x5 points when you purchase anything from a brand or purchase a specific product, like a fragrance. It's a great way to gain points faster and save up, equalling in more money being saved in the future. You don't always have to use them when they're offered but if it's x5 for one of your favorite brands, it's definitely worth purchasing that eyeshadow or that concealer you've been eyeballing for months. x5 points are like a blessing when I am trying to save up my points for a big purchase. I am always guilty of not checking my bonus offers as much as I should because I always miss out on great opportunities to build up my points. 


You sign up for Ulta's current ad when you become an Ultamate Rewards member, or at least that's how I got ads in the mail. You can also access the current ad on Ulta's website. The current ad is a good way to check out BOGO deals, new products, and products that come with free gifts. If you get ads in the mail, flip over the ad and you'll see you get $3.50 USD off your next purchase using that coupon! It may not save much depending on what or how much you're buying, but you save $3.50! You can access the coupon online as well by going to, "Sale & Coupons," then clicking "coupon."


This is a nice way to scope out some deals on your favorite brands! The buy more save more section of Ulta is a nice organized way to see what deals are going on. For all those NYX junkies out there or fanatics of drugstore brand makeup, Ulta loves to do Buy 1, Get 1 50% on any product from the brand. Some brands do a Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal, which is also a good deal if you want to splurge a little more cash. These offers are open to anyone, you do not have to be an Ultamate Rewards member to access these BOGO deals. But if you're not signed up to be an Ultamate Rewards member by the end of this article, then what are you doing??


This is a highly slept on feature that not just Ulta does, but that all brands, makeup or fashion, do. Everyday, around 6 am, I get an email from Ulta letting me know I get 20% off of a certain item, or a gift set will be offered for free during a certain time of the day. I am so bad at checking my emails, as you can see, but this is a blessing for your bank account. Especially if you want to try out sample sized products for free instead of purchasing the full size and you end up hating it. Sometimes, they'll offer x5 points from like 10 am to 2 pm, and you know what that means, MORE POINTS TO HOARD. I can't stress it enough though, sign up for email offers, you can save $250 worth of money per year in savings coupons.


Ulta is a magical place and there are so many ways to save money. Ulta is very budget friendly compared to some of it's competitors and you, as the consumer, should take advantage of that. I love Ulta and I am personally thrilled to share some of my favorite tips and tricks that some of you guys don't know about. I hope you capitalize on this and save a little more cash next time you purchase some makeup!

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